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Increase sales with advice from industry experts

For over 13 years, IntelaTek has been helping businesses to increase sales with our sales training, marketing and business development services. We have trained thousands of sales reps, and hundreds of sales managers, across countless organizations, and have set over 20k B2B sales appointments.

Whether you need help: building your sales force, generating sales leads, converting a higher percentage of leads to sales, or streamlining your business with software solutions, we have the proven expertise to help.

Sales Training & Process Improvements

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." A sales process is a plan, based on best practices, proven over time to work; and therefore, not following best practices, all but ensures that you will not achieve your best results. Sales scripts and scripted presentations, are simply best practices for sales calls and presentations.

We offer a five-point sales process improvement and training program that typically produces an immediate and substantial increase in productivity and sales. Regardless of whether your staff is making cold calls, following up on Internet leads, or taking inbound calls, we have you covered.

First, we focus on identifying worst practices that are inherent in the sales force of most organizations. Second, we work with you to identify your company’s best practices, the best practices in your industry, and general sales best practices. Third, we develop a plan to eliminate worst practices and instill best practices. Fourth, we introduce and train your sales force on this new, or improved, sales process. And fifth, we work with you to develop a plan to: foster, support, and enforce, the sales process.

B2B Lead Generation (Suspects)

Leads are the lifeblood of your B2B company. We help organizations to fill the top of their sales funnel with leads targeted by industry, job title, etc., including email addresses. These are SUSPECTS that may convert to Prospects when combined with Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation (Prospects)

80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact. Automated workflow campaigns can be used to set your leads on autopilot, sending a scheduled series of personalized one-on-one emails and follow-ups, and detecting replies. We help organizations to build marketing automation systems, with automated cold email marketing, to generate interest and convert cold Suspects into warm PROSPECTS.

Lead Qualification (Opportunities)

Sales Development reps (SDRs), also often called Inside Sales or Lead Qualification reps, are solely focused on outbound prospecting; contacting and qualifying marketing-generated leads and delivering them to Sales Account Executives. They are your front line, the soldiers in the trenches. Why do it this way? Because you want to make sure every single lead that marketing passes to your sales team is as qualified as possible. We develop outbound calling strategies, scripts, and software to maximize the effectiveness and output of your SDRs, cost effectively, and predictably converting Prospects to OPPORTUNITIES.


IntelaTek is passionate about helping organizations to design and implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. We can help you to implement the CRM of your choice, such as salesforce. We have deep industry insight, proven customer solutions experience, and CRM know-how.