Sales Call Reluctance

Call Reluctance

The Elephant in the Room

It's no secret that a career in sales can be challenging for even the most driven individuals. From the rookie struggling to gain momentum to the most seasoned sales professional, it can be a daily struggle to find the motivation to pick up the phone and dial. For door-to-door canvassers, the temptation to coast through the day can be even stronger without a manager there to oversee activity.


Prospecting Auto Dialer

Why Predictive Dialers Don't Work

And The SalesLeader Solution

Most lead generation companies use predictive auto-dialers that dial many numbers at once. When a call goes to voicemail, the the call is disconnected and that makes sense. The problem is that, first; when a call is answered by an auto-attendant or by a dial-by-name directory, the call is disconnected, and in the B2B world, that’s likely going to be most of your prospects. Second; when a call...