IntelaTek Inc, originally founded in 2004 by Chris Cunningham, as DRM Phone Pros, initially focused on helping inbound sales call centers with sales training, and assisting Business Consulting Firms and Insurance Agencies across the US with sales training and lead generation. Through our own call center, our telemarketers have scheduled more than 20k B2B sales appointments.

Over the years our focus shifted towards developing custom software applications, first for our business, and then to help our clients to manage their data, eliminate mundane tasks, and sell their products and services. We have the experience to build almost any business application you may need. Whether you need a complex financial software solution, presentation software that helps your sales reps to sell, or Software as a Service to be sold on a subscription basis to your customers. From consulting, to wireframing, to development, to testing, and finally deployment.

IntelaTek founder; Chris Cunningham, is an experienced and highly accomplished Senior Sales Leader with a 20+ year track record of: developing sales and marketing campaigns, training and managing sales staff, and significantly increasing B2B and B2C sales conversion rates. As a child Chris loved to build and play on his Texas Instruments computer, and these days he finds the same joy in building web applications in Ruby on Rails.

Whether you need help: building your sales force, generating sales leads, converting a higher percentage of leads to sales, or streamlining your business with software solutions, we have the proven expertise to help.

Here's What Clients Have to Say

  • A+ BBB Rating

  • Travis Baggett - Exec VP at Core

  • John Brett - President at Neczus

  • Bing Yao - Business Consultant

  • Donald Hallmark - Blue Coast Advisor

  • Tony Nazzaro - Blue Coast Advisor

More Client Testimonials & Endorsements

I only ran about five appointments so far. I have one deal in and collecting on two more. I think I will get another as well. That is 4 for 5. This might be the easiest I have ever sold.
John in New York

Chris is the Best in our Industry, his service helps producers to succeed and increase profitability. I would recommend Chris and IntelaTek, Inc [Insurance Sales Solutions] to every Company and Agency that wants to increase sales, retain and attract new Agents. Chris is trustworthy, consistent and reliable.
Ahdea Jarvis Director Field Sales at Washington National

I have been impressed with Chris, and my campaign manager. Very professional and good communicators.
Kenneth in California

I met Chris when he was speaking at a training seminar that I was attending in Chicago. I learned so much from him that day that I stood in line to meet him when it was over just to get his card and number. When I called him, he told me about the appointment setting programs that his company has for my industry and I immediately decided to give it a try. I have been running these appointments for almost 2 years now and hope they will be there until I retire (early). Thanks Chris!
Lisa in Illinois

You know, I would recommend your services to anyone outside of my state, but inside my state, if someone was to ask me, I would say that your appointments suck so that I could be the only one running them and win state every time.
Anonymous in Some State

Your appointments are keeping every other agent in our district busy on with enrollments while I focus on employer and employee presentations.
Henry in Missouri

It's like pulling hundred dollar bills off a money tree. I only wish there was more time in a day so that I could go on more of your appointments.
Chris in Oregon

After using several other companies for lead sources Chris has proven his company to be far superior. There is great communication from him and all of his staff. If ever there is an issue there is a call to action quickly. Thank you for helping me grow my business for the last 8 months. Your leads are outstanding!
Ted in Pennsylvania

Alright, you got me, the first appointment, no deal, the second appointment fell right down with your pitch to reduce the Workers Comp with accidental disability and my team is going to be busy with enrollments for just over 300 employees, the third, 600 employees and, well lets just say, I could stop working for the rest of the year. Thanks and keep them coming.
Robert in Georgia

Chris- After using ***** I swore I would never use another telemarketing company. The day you called me about doing these leads I was honestly not interested. Come to find out unlike the other company I have worked with your company guarantee's the employee count and the number of appointments I will be getting each week. I am glad I took the chance to do it again.
Annita in New York

I heard about your service through a colleague who had been using the service for over a year now. He is one of the top agents in my area and he attributes his success to your company. After only 1 month of appointments I have had to enlist a team of enrollers to handle the enrollments I am seeing. A service like this is hard to come by. Thanks for everything!
Brian in Oklahoma

You guys rock. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. Your training is great, the appointments are great, and your staff is great. I love this Workers comp angle to sell employee benefits.
Thomas in North Carolina

I have used several different methods of lead generation and none have proved to be as financially rewarding as the services at Intelatek. The staff and management are extremely professional and have made me feel comfortable with calling them no matter what.
Megan in Florida

My old appointment setting company charged hourly and when I look at home much I spent with them, to get one sale, and how much I have spent with you, the difference is night and day. I am referring a few agents to you guys, do I get some referral credit?
Roger in Texas

After being in the business for almost 10 years I decided I wanted to grow my office. I investigated several options including an internet lead generation program. I was delighted to find a company that guarantee's the employee count and has a quality assurance program in place. I have since been able to grow my business by 60% in only a little more than a year. Thanks Chris you have made my life easier!
Mike in Tenesee

A friend of a friend had been talking about a telemarketing service they used to get face-to-face appointments for the last 6 months. They had been able to see employees at almost 60% of the appointments they were running. After looking into your service I was thrown off by the expense. But once I gave in and ordered a batch the expense was quickly dwarfed by the amount of enrollments I was doing! It has been a great way to invest in my self and my business.
Tom in Michigan

I have tried other companies and was skeptical of yours, but you guys certainly know your business and ours and I am in it for the long haul.
Eugene in Ohio

Based upon my experience thus far, my guess is that I will be at about 60-65% of the time I will get a signed contract. Half or more of those will branch into other services. I think that's a pretty good success rate and speaks well to the meetings you have been setting up.
Randy in California

You told me that there was not a contract for an amount of time so I figured I would just order the smallest amount possible for the least price and cancel. I did and here I am now using the service getting 5 appointments a week and seeing hundreds of employees each week. If it weren't for the persistence I never would have this much business. Thanks!
Rich in Georgia

I thought your appointments were expensive but the return on investment is well worth the cost.
Jim in Louisiana

I have had the opportunity to run my first 4 appointments. They were with a CFO, a VP of HR, the owner, and a Controller. I did not get to see the controller but the other 3 have resulted in me setting up the employee enrollments. The program they gave me made it a no brainer for the executives to have my services in their office. I can't wait to see what I get in the next batch.
Mitchel in New Jersey

The large group appointments have been a huge success. Although I have not received the money on the refunds yet, I have done a lot of enrollments that have paid for the appointments ten times over. I expect to get a refund for 5 of my clients in the next month or so. From what I know about the process it seems that the employers are being overcharged and are delighted that we can get them a refund. Some did not go for thge review but I was able to schedule an employee presentation on many of those anyway.
Will in Massachuttes

I worked with ****** for over 2 years and had some success with them but I never knew when my next appointment would be coming. Some weeks I would get 2 or 3 appointments then go for a few weeks with none at all. I tried Chris's services while still using the other and with in 2 weeks I have decided to use just Intelatek.
Bob in Florida